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The Urns

The Urns demos started floating around Birmingham well before they had even played their first show last year. Recorded in a dingy Southside basement, the tracks that eventually became their debut “We’re Just Trying to Live” are raw pop goodness with a thick layer of distortion. Drawing on a pedigree of current and ex-members of Birmingham’s best pop bands including P.S. Eliot, Spells, and Younger Siblings, The Urns have quickly become a local favorite. Their big, fuzzed-out sound translates well for a rockin live show, but there is a casualness about them. They carry themselves as if to say ‘this could have been the prettiest pop song if I had wanted it to be.’ They care just enough to make one of the more compelling local debuts in recent memory.

My Artists Sessions

Friday, May 11

6:30pm CDT